1. The person should study the proposal carefully & understand all the columns i.e. projected profitability & list of documents to be submitted and investment required for the business etc. If any other information required, without hesitating, one should clear from company on phone or if possible by personal visit. He should particularly enquire from the revenue department whether his land can be used for godown and what are the development charges if any, for the same because the total work depends on it and the applicant has to get NOC from local panchayat.
  1. Interested applicant should fill up application form completing all columns & attached the documents as per details in annexure-XIII. He should keep one copy of application form & documents with him for his record. He should ensure that all information in the form are correct because his associtationship will be granted on the documents/ information submitted by In case of false statement found any time during the period of agreement, the associationship will be cancelled and security deposit will be forfeited.
  1. However, if he wants any assistance, he can request the company to send consultant for the same against charges. He has to pay ₹ 3000/- (Rupees three thousand) only for his remuneration per day plus AC-III tier return journey ticket and boarding & lodging of middle-class hotel. He can request to the company by sending letter (D-1 ) and advance of ₹ 3000/- (Rupees three thousand) only with the promise to pay the balance amount to the representative when he visit your site for conducting enquiry from department before submission of his report.
  1. Submit the application form along with forwarding letter (D-2) to company with processing fee of ₹ 1100/- (Rupees one thousand one hundred) only (non-refundable) in the following manner: –
    1. Online payment from website or by transfer/deposit by D.D./cheque/pay order in company account or
    2. Make the payment except cash to the authorized person against the provisional receipt of the company who will deposit the payment in company account.
  1. After receiving the online payment on website or by transfer/deposit in company account by D.D./cheque A/c payee payable at Delhi/New Delhi clearing, the company will take following action: –
    1. The Sales Officer (Accounts) will issue the receipt of payment and send original copy to applicant by courier with forwarding letter (D-3) and 2nd copy to Processing Officer for information to process the application of the applicant. In case, payment received by cheque, he/she should wait for realization of the cheque.
    2. The authorized person will submit the 2nd copy of Provisional receipt to Sales Officer (Accounts) who will issue the original receipt to the party after receiving the payment in account and follow the system mentioned above.
    3. On receipt of 2nd copy of the payment, the Processing Officer will check the application form duly filled in or not and documents are as per “checklist”. In case of discrepancy, send mail to the applicant (D-54) for rectification of defects. After rectification or if found ok, open new file and write the applicant to deposit ₹ 10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand) only on account of verification of documents/visit charges at site (non-refundable but adjustable).  
    4. Incomplete forms liable to be rejected at the sole discretion of company.
  1. On receipt of letter, he will deposit ₹ 10,000/- as per mode mentioned for processing fee.
  1. The Sales officer (Accounts) or authorize person who will get the payment will take action as per process of processing fee.
  1. After receiving the 2nd copy of payment, the processing officer will forward the complete documents with rough map to consultant for verification of documents.
  1. The consultant will issue letter (D-5) to applicant informing the date of his visit for verification of documents and dimensions at site with copy to company.
  1. After receiving the letter from consultant, the applicant should make arrangement for staying of consultant and should be present at site on the date fixed by the consultant for visit and co-operate with him in all respects. Applicant will further provide necessary information like Khasra and location of plot with respect to the nearest mile stone on national highway, railway station, city or town giving approximate distances, approach route and also information regarding any other houses or dwellings, factories or open land etc. falling within a radius of 100 mtrs. from plot and other details as per SMPV(U) Rules 1981 PS-( ). He should also be ready with balance payment of security amount and ₹ 20,000 (Rupees twenty thousand) only on account of approval of drawings from explosive department.
  1. On visit at site, consultant will discuss the details with applicant and verify the documents. He should physically check the dimensions of the layout plan at site, submitted by the applicant of 100 meters radius particularly that the land meets the requirements as per “guidelines for requirement of land for godown”. In case of discrepancy, the consultant will reject the site & inform the company and advice the applicant to handover the original receipt of payment for refund. If consultant finds everything in order, he should ask the applicant to transfer the balance payment of security amount on line in company’s accounts or handover the D.D. in favor of company for approval of drawings and submission to Joint C.C.O.E. of zonal office of the area for approval of godown & issue of LOI. He should ask the dealer to keep letter head of his company and rubber seal ready for submission of drawings & documents to Joint C.O.E. of zonal office for approval.
  1. On getting payment, consultant should inform the company (D-7) to issue the receipt of payment & LOI to the party and he should prepare the drawings & their documents in accordance with rules including key plan, layout and construction/erection layout, sectional elevation based on drawing/sketch with detailed measurements for submission to Joint C.C.O.E. The consultant will send the documents to the party for checking the layout etc. & signature on documents with rubber seal and after receipt from applicant, submit to the Zonal Office of Explosive (D- 8) for approval.
  1. The company will issue the receipt of payment (D-9) & LOI (D-10) with copy to consultant for approval of drawings.
  1. As mentioned in terms & conditions of associate as distributor, dealer & retailer, any godown in his reach, either of the company or associate is already approved and if the applicant is interested, he can start the work immediately and he should request to the company to issue authorization for appointment of Customer Representative till the formalities for approval of godown is completed. During this period, he has to work as “Customer Representative” of the company/associate from where he has to pick the material by his own vehicle & return the empty at same godown/plant. Under this arrangement he will follow the guidelines under scheme- “supply under interim arrangement” on website. To implement the supply, the distributor (in the midst) is advice to click the business under “Operations
  1. On receipt of letter, the company will issue letter with authority letter (D-52 & 52A) authorizing him to work as Customer Representative & also allowed further to appoint customer representative who have already applied for associationship after submitting the Indemnity bond (D-53) duly witnessed by him & authorized marketing representative of the area.
  1. On receiving the authorization from the company the distributor will appoint customer representative on the terms & conditions of the company and send order with payment for supply with original indemnity bond & copy of letter received from retailer along with order to the company for supply of material. He should keep in mind that he or his representative is allowed to work as Associates by keeping 100 Kg. gas for which no storage license is necessary. The extract copy of the gas cylinder rules enclosed for ready reference. Ist order will be dispatched within 15 days from the date of the payment & thereafter within 2-3 days as per terms and conditions of the associationship.
  1. After receiving the payment of material, the sales officer (Accounts) will issue the receipt of amount received for material and inform the concerned/assistant Manager (operations), of the concerned plant/godown for issuing of material and continue the same process for further supply.
  1. After getting approval of the drawings, the consultant will inform the company and will prepare about 02 sets of documents required and handover to dealer for further submission to Panchayat for getting N.O.C. & CLU, if required.(D-11)
  1. On receiving of documents, the associate will submit the same to the local Panchayat. The associate has to make efforts at personal level for getting N.O.C. as soon as possible but not later than 6 months.
  1. After getting N.O.C., dealer will construct his godown as per layout plan & will deposit ₹ 50,000/- (Rupees fifty thousand) only with the company for issue of license of godown from explosive department and submit the same to the company by (D-14). He has also to manage the vehicle for visit at site by the officer of explosive department at own cost.
  1. On receipt of NOC & payment, the company will issue receipt for the same and send to the dealer by letter (D-15) and instruct the consultant to submit the documents with forwarding letter of associate’s addressed to the Joint Chief Controller of Explosive, zonal office to get the license (D-16).
  1. After submission of documents to the zonal office, consultant will make arrangement for inspection of site to get the license as soon as On receiving of license, the consultant will inform the associate by letter (D-17).
  1. After getting license, the associate will visit registered office of the company for execution of agreement on ₹ 100/- (Rupees one hundred only) stamp paper and deposit the amount of material as per terms & conditions with the company by RTGS/DD so that supply can be made timely (D-21).
  1. On receipt of payment, the company will issue the receipt of the amount received along with Appointment Letter (D-18) and guidelines to plan an Inaugural function of his office to the Dealer by letter (D-19).
  1. After placing order, the associates will plan inaugural function with the company & launch publicity programme to appoint retailer & mini retailer as well as to increase the sale of products in his area as per guidelines issued by the company. Further the associates will place order as per his requirement before two days by making payment to company by RTGS so that his business can run smoothly. It should keep in mind that minimum stock for three days should be available at site subject to availability of license capacity. To speed up the development of his network successfully, he is advice to click “Business ” he will find the details “How to run the business“. In case any help needed, you can contact the concerned persons, the details of which are available at our “Contact Us” However, in case of any problem/query not sorted by staff members, you can contact the CEO at his no. and in case of any complaint, you can register your complaint at ombuds@premierlpgltd.com

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